Our Lady on the Rock

It all started when Horace Pedneault, son of Joseph Pedneault, was diagnosed with a blood disease. Horace lived on Isle-aux-Coudres, Quebec. When he realized the severity of his illness, Horace made a promise to the Virgin Mary that if she would cure him, he would erect a statue in her honor. His prayer was answered and he soon kept his promise in gratitude. In the spring of 1960, Mr. Pedneault erected a statue of Our Lady of the Assumption at Pointe du Bout d’en Bas, in the north of the island, at a place the islanders also call the Lost Rocks.

Years went by and the story of the Madonna reached the ears of people from outside the island who had the base of the statue painted and came to lay flowers at her feet, as a way of thanking her for the favors obtained. I am happy,” said Mr. Pedneault, “that this Madonna was able to help many people, even today. But you know…you don’t buy saints when you are sick…” You have to have faith, you have to have trust, you have to have a law…that of hope.

Following this beautiful grace obtained by the Virgin, Horace Pedneault lived for many years. He was the owner of the restaurant ‘Écumé par la houle’. He died on December 13, 2013, at the age of 83, in the Baie-Saint-Paul hospital.