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Siècles :

Before 1500
The catholic faith of the Vikings in Canada
16th Century - 1500 to 1599
Canada's first masses
Canada's first crosses
Canada's first pilgrimage
17th Century - 1600 to 1699
Canada's first martyrs
The devotion to Our Lady of Protection
The Virgin Mary pushed the bullets away
Saved through a prophetic dream
Madeleine de Verchères rescued by the Virgin Mary
The devotion to Notre-Dame-de-Foy in Canada
Saint-Anne-de-Beaupré's shrine
The mystical origin of Montreal
Consecration of Canada to Saint Joseph
18th Century - 1700 to 1799
A miraculous image of Saint Ann
Calvary of Oka
The intervention of Mary at the battle of Monongahela
A soul in purgatory makes reparation
Protestant ships drifting away
The devotion of the votive ships in Canada
19th Century - 1800 to 1899
The statue of Mary that smiled
The Madonna of Canadians
The Mount Salettin pilgrimage
A cross to ask God’s blessing for fishing and harvesting
Lac Sainte-Anne, the miraculous lake
The miraculous grotto of Notre-Dame-des-Bois
Our Lady of Saguenay
Snow indicating the location of the church
A village saved from plagues
The promise of a patriot
The canadian zouaves and the city of Piopolis
Ice floe moved by miracle
A statue of Saint Joseph found in the water
Forest fire repelled by a blessing
Devotion to Our Lady of the schools
The cross of Mount Saint Joseph
20th - Century - 1900 to 1999
The sacrifice of a life for the Blessed Sacrament
Our Lady on the Rock
A novena to Saint Joseph to find caribous
Saint Brother André requested a monument to Saint Joseph
The role of Saint Thérèse for the conversion of the Eskimos
The statue of Mary preserved from the flames
The Miraculous Pietà in Ponteix, Saskatchewan
21th Century - 2000 up to today
A statue of Mary which bowed her head
A child dies making the sign of the cross
Sacred Heart of Jesus, stop the fire at your feet
The statue of Saint Paul preserved from a fire
The knife broke