The Virgin Mary rescuing a six years old girl


Henriette was still a little girl when she decided to renounce her Protestant religion and become a Catholic. The fears that had been expressed in the presence of Henriette Gilson, of Quebec City, about the validity of the baptism that had been conferred upon her by a Protestant minister, were for her tender piety, a subject of constant concern. When she was about ten years old and on vacation in the country, she was amused one day by watering the flowers in a flowerbed. Having wanted to take water from a well with a hoof, the weight of this object caused her to slip on the wet curbstone. As she felt herself falling, the first thought that came to her mind was the uncertainty of her baptism: “Good Holy Virgin,” she cried, “save me, I am not baptized.” At the same moment she felt as if an invisible hand was lifting her out of the water. The people who ran to her aid found her unconscious and floating on the surface of the well. This protection of Mary seemed to her as evident as if the Blessed Virgin had appeared to her in person.



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