The sacrifice of a life for the Blessed Sacrament

   Paul Comtois was born on August 22nd obtained the hand of Irène-Anne-Rachel Gill and got married in Saint-François-du-Lac. From their marriage, five children were brought to life:  Odette, Pierre, Yves, Mireille, and Jean.

   In 1961, he is honored with the post of Lieutenant-Governor of Québec and the year after, he is esteemed by the Venerable Order of Saint-John.  Paul Comtois was a very pious man and possessed a staunch devotion toward the Most Blessed Sacrament.  Therefore, he implored the Cardinal of Quebec,  Maurice Roy, to grant him the immense privilege of guarding the Blessed Sacrament in his chapel located in his home.  The Cardinal refused the Lieutenant-Governor’s favor several times.  However, due to his relentless demands and to the promise of protecting the Blessed Sacrament from any harm that might arise, Paul Comtois merited to host the Holy Eucharist in tabernacle of his own manor.

  Unfortunately, on the evening of February 21st 1966, a violent fire devastated the Manor of Bois-de-Coulonge.  As soon as Mr. Comtois noticed the fire, he swiftly evacuated his wife and children from the house. This was the last time his daughter Mireille saw him ;   as he heroically urged her to jump from the window of the chapel to save her life. Once all were out of danger, he rushed with a burning zeal to the tabernacle of the chapel in order to save the Blessed Sacrament. He reverentially began to escort the ciborium, but exiting the chapel he passed on the flaming stairs which collapsed, thus falling victim to the infernal flames of the fire.

Mireille, Paul Comtois’ daughter, testifies that although the body of her father was found and was hardly recognizable, under him the ciborium and the hosts were intact. The heroic Lieutenant-Governor of Québec protected them by immolating his body to the flames of the raging fire.

 After his valiant death, Father J.M. Laplante, O.M.I., wrote that the act of Mr. Comtois was an undeniable act of reparation for all priests who do not believe in the real presence of Jesus-Christ present in all the tabernacles with HIs Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. This politician, in 1966, as Saint Tarcisuis did in the third century, sacrificed his life in order to save the Eucharist and such an act merits to be published and known by us Canadian Catholics.