A child dies making a sign of the cross


On October 22, 2017, as is the tradition every year for the Therrien family, they went to the Sentiers pédestres des 3 monts, in Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine, to have a picnic and get some fresh air.

After reaching the summit, Jacob, a very athletic and healthy boy, loses some speed because of leg pain. A discomfort that he meant regularly and for which they had consulted.

“The doctor told us it was a growth problem, since he grew so fast. I know what it’s like, I’ve experienced it myself. So, I told him that we were going to take our time and that we were going to sit on rocks to rest on the way down,” says his mother, Sandra Lessard, who struggles to realize that her “little guy” will never come back. The father took charge of the nine-year-old twins, Cédrick and Émile, until they reached the reception area at the bottom of the mountain, while Mrs. Lessard stayed with her 11-year-old son.

Then, a few meters further on, another rock. Another break.

After a few minutes, Jacob asked to sit down a little longer and asked “Mom, can I pray”, his mother said, her voice full of emotion.

While praying:

“He had never said that to me in his life. My son doesn’t have the sacraments, he’s just baptized and we’re not churchgoers. I thought it was funny, but if it would motivate him to move forward, I said, ‘Yes, my man, you can pray,'” she says.

“He made his sign of the cross and, at that moment, he left. His eyes went out like when he lost consciousness,” says the mother, still shaken by the events. “I was patting him, I was telling him: ‘Come on Jacob, what’s going on? He said mom, I don’t know and that was the last thing he said”, she says with a heavy heart.