A monument to Saint Joseph requested by Saint Brother André

  In October 1917, Saint Brother André went to a village in Ontario, which is now called Saint Joseph Village, to visit Napoléon-A. Cantin. During his visit, Brother André expressed his desire that one day a monument in honor of Saint Joseph be placed in a specific location.

    Later, in October 1972, the statue and monument were erected in the very place where the religious saint had indicated, by a certain Antoine Laporte.The monument has a plaque telling its history: “Memorial to Brother André of St. Joseph’s oratory on Mount Royal at Montreal, whose virtues and good works, known throughout the world inspire this dedication to St Joseph, patron saint of Canada.
This exact spot was chosen for a memorial by Brother André in October of 1917 during his first visit at the home of Napoléon-A. Cantin, the son of Narcisse-M. Cantin, founder of this village. At that time, Brother André expressed the wish that some day a memorial be placed here to honour St. Joseph. This statue was donated by Father A.-A Robert, pastor of St. Peter’s church, near St. Joseph. Erected by the family of Mrs. Valérie-M. Laporte-Cantin in memory of their late Father, Napoléon-A. Cantin. Built and landscaped by Antoine Laporte, October 1972.”